Monday, February 7, 2011

An innovative idea to help students going to the US

An innovative idea to help students going to the USSudhanshuji recently tweeted "India should have its very own organization to warn students by publicizing sham universities like the Tri-Valley University." Now this is something that should be acceptable to everyone irrespective of any political party as it is for the benefit of the country and its future leaders on the international front.

We have already seen advertisements by government organizations such as AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) in which they warn students of fake universities and the invalidity of the degree provided by them. When India is already a country that sends the largest number of students to the United States (US) for studies, the existence of such an organization will only improve the system so that incidents like the Tri-Valley University in which the students were sent back with RFID devices don't get repeated.

This kind of an organization can have public partnership as well in which the students who are currently pursuing studies in the US can provide the necessary inputs and the students back in India who are enthusiastic of going to US for further studies can get benefitted. The overall motive of such an organization should be:
  1. To provide a list of universities that are credible
  2. To warn students of not pursuing studies in sham universities like the Tri Valley University
  3. To increase the public partnership in government processes so that the chances of getting duped are minimized
This idea by Sudhanshuji is the need of the time seeing the number of students being sent to the US by India. There is no reason that such an idea should be implemented just for US - every country can be included in the list and the necessary information should be passed to the students from time to time.

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